Welcome to J & S Downing,
Family Butcher

5-7 Pepper Street, Tavistock, Devon, PL19 0BD.
Tel: 01822 819759 or 01822 618010.
18 Fore Street, Bere Alston, Yelverton, Devon,
PL20 7AD. Tel: 01822 840258.

* Established in 1989 *

Please bear with us during these uncertain times. We can also supply fruit, vegetables, milk and bread, please ring us for details.

Delivery guidelines will alter depending on what is required, but we will do our utmost to keep you informed.

A lot of our customers have asked if this service is only being provided during the lockdown. The answer to this is 'no.' We have delivered to local hotels and restaurants along with private houses for the last 31 years so please be assured we will still continue to do so when things return to normal.

Most importantly please stay safe!

At the current time, our hours may vary. We will open at 8am but on the odd day we might close a bit earlier (not before 3pm). Please ring us to check our opening times for that day if you're going to be after 3pm.

Sending fresh free-range meat from the tranquil Devon/Cornwall border -



Also free local delivery and collection available from 5-7 Pepper Street via this website -
any queries telephone 01822 819759, 01822 618010 or email: downingsbutchers1@btinternet.com

We rear our own cattle on our land at Brentor, pictured above, which are available to purchase periodically throughout the year. Contact us for details of breed availability. We are happy to reserve the required cuts for our customers.
Please see our Cattle section for more photographs.

The remainder of our meat is sourced from local farms and we strive to maintain the highest welfare of the animal at all times. If you require anything you can't see advertised, please contact us and we will do our utmost to help you.

To ensure your meat stays in top condition, we recommend keeping it refrigerated and using it within 2 days. Alternatively, simply freeze. Unlike some pre-packaged meat, we don't use any form of preservatives so you receive it as nature intended.

If you have your own livestock, we can arrange to have them slaughtered and butchered to your requirements and can also use them to make your own sausages and burgers. Please contact us for further details.